The New York Human Rights Law and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibit employers from discriminating in any job-related action, including recruitment, interviewing, hiring, promotions, discharge, compensation Gender or sex discrimination happens when an employer treats an employee unequally based on his or her gender alone. While there may be certain business reasons to permit and employer to hire a man or a woman based on a bona fida business need, an employer cannot make employment decisions based on gender stereotypes and other assumptions about men and women.

Sex discrimination may include discrimination on the basis of pregnancy (or perception of potential pregnancy), sexual harassment, and a hostile work environment because of an employee’s sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation Sex discrimination, like other forms of employment discrimination, sometimes takes the form of “reverse discrimination.” If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your gender and as a consequence your job or job conditions have been adversely affected and would like to discuss whether you have a viable legal claim, please call us for a consultation.